A couple of weeks ago, a couple of friends and I,  decided that we would make our way downtown to the “Electric Owl”. We started the night out by heading to a friends condo, he has a pretty nice pad. we ended up drinking and listening to music. By the time we decided to head out we were all pretty drunk. We made our way via the sky-train to the “Electric Owl”, unfortunately the place was not open yet so we obtained wristbands from the front desk. Little did we know that this will be the beginning to a very interesting night.

We all decided to go to “Fortune Sound Club” as we waited for the “Electric Owl” to open up. As we entered the club, the staff told us that we didn’t have to pay because of the wristbands we had obtained at “Electric Owl,” which was pretty odd. I split myself from the group, approaching women of all sorts, dancing and just enjoying myself. I approached this 5’10 stunning brunette, we had an interesting conversation, but she left me to go and dance with one of her girlfriends.

I met up with one of my friends and he said he had to meet up with a girl and left us, while another one just vanished, leaving just two of us. I separated myself and continued to dance with a few girls. Closer to the end of the night, LIZ, a new artist on “Diplo and Friends”, started performing, she was pretty attractive. As soon as I saw her I knew that I wanted to talk to her.

After the performance I approached the bouncer that was in front of the VIP room, asking if I could speak to LIZ, he told me to wait that at a certain time I would be able to go to the VIP room. Little did I know that she would come up on her own. I started talking to her, sadly I got interrupted by one of her fans.

The brunette I had been talking to before came and asked me to dance, but I told her no that I was talking to LIZ, she became angry and stormed off. I ended up continuing my conversation with LIZ but it didn’t really go anywhere. I met up with my friend later in the night and we made our way to the VIP room, it was amazing. I saw quite a few “A” list stars and a lot of people just generally enjoying themselves. We ended up not going back to the “Electric Owl”.

We ended up leaving at 3 in the morning. All in all I had a blast, drinking, dancing and talking to some girls. When we got home, we made our way to a friends house to find that the friend that had left us, had ditched us for some girl, who he never did end up sleeping with.

I need to work on not ditching a girl who is a sure thing for a girl who might be better, or who I think I might have a chance with.


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