University Networking

I will discuss thoughts on networking in a university setting, some of my information can be attributed to Thomas The Rhymer from the RVF  and Christian Mcqueen

– Know everyone in your class on a first name basis. This will require you pitching up early to classes and leaving late, so that you can randomly talk to people. After a long time, you will know most of the people. This is also a good way of getting other people’s notes, past year exam papers, tips for upcoming tests, etc.

– join the clubs with interest in your field. Ex: Politics then Poli Sci. Talk to everyone. Become the man on campus everyone knows

– Join your alumni network. If you dress up in a suit and don’t talk like a moron, people won’t mind that you’re an undergrad.

– Dress well for class.  Always dress decently, because you never know who you’re going to meet. Plus, rocking up in a suit on campus guarantees a lot of eye-fucking from the girls,

– Try and go off on tangents on the subjects you are learning. If you’re studying philosophy but want to learn more about economics, see if you can make an appointment with someone at the economics faculty for a short informational interview. Basically, get to know the junior lecturers from other departments that you are not involved.

– Get to know your own lecturers. Bother them with questions and positive comments about their work, ask stupid questions even if you know the work well. The fact that you know the work is not important, but if you can pretend to not understand something you can use that as a prop to approach lecturers, and then they feel gratified when you act as if you suddenly understand. It makes them feel good, and then you’re on good terms with them. I’ve met several people who’ve found jobs through lecturers that they were on good terms with.

– Party with the right people. Partying together creates a bond. You will probably meet a lot of your business associates while partying

– Find girls who’s dads are moguls etc. game them. Get them wrapped up. A daughter with the right dad can get you ahead quickly

Finally networking involves : 1) Meeting new people 2) Meeting those people again 3) Getting introduced to another person


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