Approach anxiety

What is approach anxiety? it’s quite simple, it’s the fear of cold approaching a woman. There are a ton of information in the manosphere about approach anxiety, from what causes approach anxiety? how to eliminate approach anxiety? and to why we men fear with every fiber of our being the act of approaching a beautiful woman that arouses us.

I have read quite a great deal on this topic, and to no avail, I still have a great deal of trouble approaching women. I might have a sudden burst of courage that will give me the opportunity to approach a woman, but it never lasts. It’s funny, most of the time I find that alcohol does not work and rather makes me antisocial.

I have to internalize and accept the fact that rejection happens to everyone. I need to embrace it, every time I feel or think that I should not approach, guess what, I must approach. I am honestly tired of where I am with women, I need to approach, approach and approach again. It’ll take time, it’ll take hard work, but in one year I’ll be surprised at how far I have come.

From now on I will be following a new guide to approaching women, a guide to eliminate my approach anxiety.

  •  By using my sexual energy as a force to approach women.

How do I harness my sexual energy?

  1. Eliminate masturbation
  2. Start eating healthy foods, limit bad fats. Foods like avocado’s, red grapes, tuna, pomegranate, large amount of proteins(milks, eggs and chicken), garlic, honey and cabbage
  3. No alcohol
  4. Plenty of sleep
  5. Exercise

By following this 5 steps, I will greatly increase my testosterone, which in turn will increase my sexual energy

  •  Following the  approaching ladder – start small, by asking what the time is? generally chat with people around you?
  • Follow the “3 second rule”. When you see a girl that arouses you, approach, do not wait more than three seconds, because you’ll let the fear creep in and you will second guess yourself
  • Repetition: approach, approach, approach and approach again. Approach anxiety decreases with repetition

“I will try 100 times to get up and if I fail 100 times, if I fail and I give up, do you think I am ever going to get up. No!”


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