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Progress part 1

So far, I have done only about 6 approaches, unfortunately non of them have lead anywhere. It has been quite difficult to do any approaches since I have been studying for final exams. I will try to do more and post my progress.

Concerning my no fap challenge. It’s quite difficult to stop. The longest I was able to go for was a week. I have noticed that this is becoming a serious problem where ill actually be looking forward to masturbating at the end of a day, quite pathetic. I have to figure out a way to slowly eliminate this problem.



I’m quite disappointed at where my life is going at the moment. I am determined to improve every aspect of my life. I was motivated by, and among others to start a blog about my self improvement.

At the moment I live with my parents and I am pretty fucked in terms of logistics. I also live quite far away from the night life scene, this makes it highly improbable for me to get SNL unless i head over to the girls place which has ever only happened once.

I am currently attending my local university, and for the past couple of years I have been frustrating at how university life has been. So a friend and I decided to start a business co-ed fraternity. We are determined to throw the best parties, and just be the go to guys on campus.

In terms of women, I used to believe that there was always one women out there for you and with enough luck that woman would wander her way into your life, that being chivalrous and bending backwards for women would essentially get them into your life. I realize now that I was sadly mistaken.

I am determined to improve every aspect of my life, socially, intellectually, physically, and also with women.


As we made our way home from our local gym, we had not yet decided how we were going to spend our night. We thought we might go downtown, but we weren’t quite sure. We decided that we were going to meet up at nine at one of our friends place and decide then.

As nine rolled around I made my way to his place to find one other guy there. Another friend of the host came in with a 26 of rum and sprite, which they would be sharing. We called the other guys and they decided that they would not be coming, they would rather sit around a bonfire relaxing. I was not pleased as going downtown had been the idea of the guy that cancelled. He wanted to spend time with one of the girls he was seeing.

Two of us decided to make our way to the liquor store, and we bought some gin and tonic, it was quite expensive. We made our way back to his place, relaxing and drinking, another friend met up with us bringing a couple of beers. One of the guys had been trying to get a girl to come pick us up and drive us down to Hemingway. After a couple of hours she arrived. We chilled for a bit, and left at about 12:00am, it was pretty late at this point.

As we arrived at Hemingway, one of the staff told us that they would be closing in fifteen minutes. I made my way around the bar, I refused to drink at this point. Unfortunately I met one of the girls that I had dated for just a short period of time, she asked me to buy her drinks but I refused. She wasn’t worth my time or energy. I made my way to the front where a friend and I would me up. We started talking to two sexy blondes about 5’4. I was pretty drunk so I don’t quite remember what the conversation was about. The girls were enjoying themselves, but they said they had to leave because they had work in the morning.

We left, to find the girl that I had dated to be talking to the host’s friend. Coincidentally they had gone to the same high school together. The girls that  left us came back for us, saying that they didn’t need sleep and would rather talk to us for a bit. The girls asked us to go to the beach, which was situated right beside Hemingway. We received a phone call saying that we had to go. We said our goodbyes and left.

Unfortunately, as we made our way back to my friends place, the girl which I had dated pulled up with a friend. I knew that she would be trying to sleep with the host friend. It doesn’t get anymore awkward than that. As the night continued, one of the guys left and it just remained the three guys including me and two other girls. I ended up leaving an hour later. The girl ended up sleeping with the host friend

Although the night was fun, I need to be able to go out on my own, It provides freedom. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and not have to put up with the other guys issues, problems, embarrassing game or  cock-blocking.


A couple of weeks ago, a couple of friends and I,  decided that we would make our way downtown to the “Electric Owl”. We started the night out by heading to a friends condo, he has a pretty nice pad. we ended up drinking and listening to music. By the time we decided to head out we were all pretty drunk. We made our way via the sky-train to the “Electric Owl”, unfortunately the place was not open yet so we obtained wristbands from the front desk. Little did we know that this will be the beginning to a very interesting night.

We all decided to go to “Fortune Sound Club” as we waited for the “Electric Owl” to open up. As we entered the club, the staff told us that we didn’t have to pay because of the wristbands we had obtained at “Electric Owl,” which was pretty odd. I split myself from the group, approaching women of all sorts, dancing and just enjoying myself. I approached this 5’10 stunning brunette, we had an interesting conversation, but she left me to go and dance with one of her girlfriends.

I met up with one of my friends and he said he had to meet up with a girl and left us, while another one just vanished, leaving just two of us. I separated myself and continued to dance with a few girls. Closer to the end of the night, LIZ, a new artist on “Diplo and Friends”, started performing, she was pretty attractive. As soon as I saw her I knew that I wanted to talk to her.

After the performance I approached the bouncer that was in front of the VIP room, asking if I could speak to LIZ, he told me to wait that at a certain time I would be able to go to the VIP room. Little did I know that she would come up on her own. I started talking to her, sadly I got interrupted by one of her fans.

The brunette I had been talking to before came and asked me to dance, but I told her no that I was talking to LIZ, she became angry and stormed off. I ended up continuing my conversation with LIZ but it didn’t really go anywhere. I met up with my friend later in the night and we made our way to the VIP room, it was amazing. I saw quite a few “A” list stars and a lot of people just generally enjoying themselves. We ended up not going back to the “Electric Owl”.

We ended up leaving at 3 in the morning. All in all I had a blast, drinking, dancing and talking to some girls. When we got home, we made our way to a friends house to find that the friend that had left us, had ditched us for some girl, who he never did end up sleeping with.

I need to work on not ditching a girl who is a sure thing for a girl who might be better, or who I think I might have a chance with.

Interesting night

The day started out pretty uneventful. I went to the gym, spent some time socializing with some friends and playing basketball at my high school.

Later that night as I arrived at a friends party, there were many guys, a few girls, the odds were pretty unfavorable.The party was situated outside and I watched many of the guys play beer pong, enjoying themselves and getting pretty drunk. Unfortunately I had only a couple of beers as I was driving. Interacting with drunk people entirely sober is quite annoying, I just hate it.

As the night progressed, more and more girls showed up, some of the girls were pretty attractive, better than I initially expected. The party moved inside as it was getting really cold. I decided to approach people and introduce myself, I only knew a few people from college. I tried to interact with some of the girls, the girls seem pretty open, but unfortunately I would run out of things to say, I could not keep the conversation going (still working on my game). Closer to the time I left there were about 60 people at this party.

All in all I would say that I had fun, but I was disappointed with my results when interacting with the opposite sex. I really have to work on my communication skills.